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job at home online without any investment

1) Work at home work with your skill extra time income ** Verify after work, many fraud in this work, you submit your work & not received money , But depend to choose work type & work skill, select correct work to get money, Real work 70% , so you can try now. 2) Fiveree 3) UpWork… Read More »

Protected: IIBF Mock Test

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Top 20 Pre School in India

Now a days Indian is Boom in Pre School Franchise , What is Pre-School, How to start a pre-school, Lets Start :- I Lat to Know – I lat to discuss What is Pre-School (Nursary School) A School For Child Education , Pre-School for Private sector & also Gov. Approved School , For Best education Platform for Child… Read More »

madhyamik suggestion 2020

MADHYAMIK 2020 FREE SUGGESTION FOR ALL SUBJECT:- Exam Date Subject Visit 18/02/2020 BENGALI SUGGESTION 19/02/2020 ENGLISH SUGGESTION 20/02/2020 GEOGRAPHY SUGGESTION 22/02/2020 HISTORY SUGGESTION 24/02/2020 MATH SUGGESTION 25/02/2020 PHS. SCIENCE SUGGESTION 26/02/2020 LIFE SCIENCE SUGGESTION DOWNLOAD MADHYAMIK 2020 EXAM FULL PDF Last Minute Suggestion will be publish :- 17/01/2020 Madhyamik Bengali suggestion Pdf :- Downlaod For free Madhyamik English… Read More »


=:C PROGRAMMING := An operator operators on variables and perform an action in a program. It consists of words or symbols. For instance, the arithmetic operators (+) and (-) cause us to add or subtract two numbers respectively. Operators are essential to form expressions and to perform arithmetical and logical operators on variables. We need operators to do… Read More »


C++ PROGRAMMING INTRODUCTION TO C++ CONCEPT OF OBJECT –ORIENTED PROGRAMMING (OPP)  The object – oriented approach views a problem in terms of objects involved rather than procedure for doing it. Object is an identifiable entity with some characteristics and behavior. DATA TYPES & OPERATORS Data types are means to identify the types of data and associated operations of… Read More »


JAVA SCRIPT  Variables    A variable is simply a name given to a value. Variables can be given different values throughout the course of a JavaScript program. You can declare a variable using the var command: var example; In this line, you have defined a variable named example, which currently has no value. It is also possible to… Read More »


INTRODUCTION OF EX-NEXT GENARATION:- E.X. Next Generation (E.X. NGN), the world’s friendliest business accounting software. Whether you plan to manage your personal  accounts or the finances of your business, you can use E.X. NGN to simplify record keeping, and track the progress of your financial goals. What is the user name and password of EX-NEXT GENARATION?  ass The… Read More »