C++ PROGRAMMING INTRODUCTION TO C++ CONCEPT OF OBJECT –ORIENTED PROGRAMMING (OPP)  The object – oriented approach views a problem in terms of objects involved rather than procedure for doing it. Object is an identifiable entity with some characteristics and behavior. DATA TYPES & OPERATORS Data types are means to identify the types of data and associated operations of… Read More »


JAVA SCRIPT  Variables    A variable is simply a name given to a value. Variables can be given different values throughout the course of a JavaScript program. You can declare a variable using the var command: var example; In this line, you have defined a variable named example, which currently has no value. It is also possible to… Read More »


INTRODUCTION OF EX-NEXT GENARATION:- E.X. Next Generation (E.X. NGN), the world’s friendliest business accounting software. Whether you plan to manage your personal  accounts or the finances of your business, you can use E.X. NGN to simplify record keeping, and track the progress of your financial goals. What is the user name and password of EX-NEXT GENARATION?  ass The… Read More »


=:Visual Basic:=6.0 Defination:- Visual Basic is an object oriented programming  language of Microsoft Basic studio graph  which is an extension of the language Basic                                                                                                                       The aim to use Visual Basic for creating and manipulating data object and ole object (object linking embedding).       GUI è Graphical User Interface How to open Visual Basic ? Click Start  … Read More »


=:VISUAL FOX-PRO:=6.0 FoxPro is very powerful Database Management System. Its integrate development Environment allows programmer’s language. It is both an interpreter and true compiler. As interpreted language, it translates each command into computer instructions, as it is executes the translation time, most possibly during loops. A compiler improves performance by translating command to machine instructions just once. It… Read More »

M.S Power Point

MS- POWERPOINT-2007   1. Utility of PowerPoint Presentation  !  PowerPoint is a Windows Application, a part of Office suite, using which you can create presentation files with sound and animation. Therefore you can create files of dynamic nature to cast your matters like company reporting, future prospects, and many more important aspects on any topic.  How to open… Read More »

M.S Office Word Part-2

Style Group:- A style is a set of formatting characteristics that you can apply to text, tables, and lists in your document to quickly change their appearance. When you apply a style, you apply a whole group of formats in one simple task. When working on long documents, styles allow you to format your document quickly while keeping… Read More »

M.S Office Word part-1

-: MICROSOFT OFFICE WORD (MS-Word 2007):- => What is Word? è Word is Application Software under Microsoft Office package for Writing and Editing Word Document. èThe Extension Name of Ms-Word File is è .docx (Ms-Word 2007) => Contents of MS-Word Window:- The Home Tab is by far the most important Tab in Microsoft Word 2007. The Home Tab… Read More »

HTML Course

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) Notes:- HTML is used to design a Internet Explorer page and it is create in Notepad using tag. There are two types of tag– I) Pair tag and II) Unpair tag. Pair tag: – The tags which have starting and closing ends. Example :- <b> </b> Unpair tag: – The tags which have… Read More »

Excel Practical Work

PRACTICAL TASK-1   STOCK SHEET CALCULATION                 SL NO PRODUCT NAME QUANTITY PRICE/QUANTITY TOTAL PRICE DISCOUNT (10%) TOTAL PRICE (AFTER DISCOUNT 10%) VAT (4%) TOTAL PRICE (WITH VAT 4%) 1 COMPUTER 12 Rs. 18,500.00 Rs. 222,000.00 Rs. 22,200.00 Rs. 199,800.00 Rs. 7,992.00 Rs. 207,792.00 2 PRINTER 25 Rs. 2,600.00 Rs. 65,000.00… Read More »